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Kingdom Hearts - 100 icons

Sora - Version 3.0

Kingdom Hearts 100 icons >> Sora | Version 3.0
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Welcome to 100_kingdom. This community is an icon challenge inspired by communities like icons100.
This one is obviously Kingdom Hearts themed :)
Please be sure to read the following rules before joining or partecipating. Thank you and enjoy your stay!
01. Firstly, join the community. You have to be a member in order to start your own 100 icons batch.

02. Once you have joined the community and you are ready to start making your batch you can request your claim here.
You can request any kind of claim: characters, general, places, pairings, specific groups (duos/trios..) etc.
Remember that you cannot request a claim used by another icon maker. For this step check out the claims list. You can choose something different or wait untill the batch you want to make icons of is completed.

03. After that wait patiently to be approved by a moderator.
When you receive your posting access you have THREE MONTHS to submit your 100 icons.
Post them along with the following form, please.

Icon Count: n/100

[You can add any kind of info if you want.]

04. If you need some addictional time to post your icons or you need to drop a claim, you are free to ask it right here.

05. Members can only have one claim at a time.

06. Fifty icons have to follow some themes I have created for the community, the other fifty are "artist choice". Just one rule: be creative!

001. love
002. friendship
003. sadness
004. happyness
005. fight
006. evil
007. passions
008. time
009. royalty
010. laughter

011. hero
012. journey
013. kiss
014. night
015. heart
016. light
017. naive
018. revenge
019. dreams
020. music

021. magic
022. sweetness
023. loyalty
024. saviour
025. painting
026. party
027. black and white
028. alone
029. lost
030. secrets

031. tears
032. home
033. hope
034. wish
035. embrace
036. beautiful
037. colorful
038. cute
039. smile
040. princess

041. forever
042. sacrifice
043. stars
044. sidekick
045. hidden
046. relax
047. beginning
048. ending
049. enemies
050. family
* Once you have finished your claim just comment here. You will be awarded with a lovely banner :)

* Once a claim is completed, the same claim can be re-used after ONE MONTH.
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>> Claim Request Post
>> Addictional time/Drop a claim/Batch completed
>> Claims List
>> Icon Table Code
>> Hall of fame


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